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Welcome to my blog! For years, I have had a passion to develop leaders, improve healthcare, and magnify the importance of living life intentionally. I cannot think of a better medium to share my experiences and what I have learned than though this blog. I am incredibly excited to create and share relevant content that may inspire you to improve your world and provide a fresh perspective.

In this blog, you can expect content in the following areas:

  1. Leadership. Is leadership for everyone? From funny anecdotes to applicable strategies, we’ll address methods to become better leaders.
  2. Healthcare. And you thought pagers were extinct. Time to bridge the gap between healthcare and innovative ideas.
  3. Intentional Living. Time is ticking. Is life passing you by, or are you living with intentionality?


I encourage you to join me on a thought-provoking quest to improve our world. I plan to write a new post every week and will update you when new content arrives. You can subscribe to my blog on the main page as well. I appreciate any feedback you can provide, whether good or bad. Even if you disagree or have a different perspective, your contributions will help transform an otherwise intuitive blog to a think tank of innovative ideas.

What do you think? You can leave a comment here.