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Have you ever felt like you’ve hit a wall and couldn’t gain traction in some area of life? I know I have. Whether losing motivation for fitness, making the same mistakes in leadership, or just feeling an absence of joy in life, I have experienced the “wall” that so many of us often encounter. You know what I mean. We wake up, look at what is required for that day, and then tackle those items on our to-do list. The problem: we have lost the passion. I’ve been there, but something happened a couple years ago. This one, simple secret changed everything.

The secret? Podcasts. A friend introduced me to the influence of podcasts and I began to experience personal growth at a rate I had never experienced before. As I listened to the various episodes, I found that others encountered the same situations and “walls” that I faced. What’s more— experts within their respective fields were providing knowledge on how to gain traction and take it to the next level.

Two years later, I’ve never looked back. I still listen to multiple podcasts each week and have found some that I would not dare miss. These are my top 5 podcasts that will propel you forward in leadership, intentional living, business, and fitness:

1. This Is Your Life – Michael Hyatt

If I am playing favorites, this one takes the cake. I have listened to every episode at least twice, and I am constantly learning something new from his podcast. Michael is a New York Times best selling author and former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, and his thought-provoking episodes cover a wide range of topics. From leadership to productivity and writing, you will feel empowered and learn next steps when you listen to this highly application-based podcast. After all, this is your life. Are you who you want to be?

Suggested episodes:album-art-1600-x-1600-760x760

How To Create A Life Plan

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

The Secret Power of Naps


2. The 5 AM Miracle – Jeff Sanders

I found this gem when it started a year ago, and I look forward to each new episode every Monday. Jeff provides an upbeat, positive podcast that challenges you to wake up bright and early and live life intentionally. A productivity coach, vegan, and marathon runner, his podcast covers everything from productivity and waking up early to fitness, accountability, and the vegan lifestyle. One thing is certain: the number of bananas he eats daily will surprise you.

Suggested episodes:36207

How To Optimize an Accountability Partnership To Achieve Your Goals

12 Astounding Reasons To Eat More Bananas Every Single Day

3 Habits To Adopt For A Powerful Morning Ritual


3. Marathon Training Academy – Angie & Trevor Spencer

Marathons are a blast! Training for them, however, can be a roller coaster of high and low emotions. Angie and Trevor provide a down-to-earth podcast with some of the best husband and wife banter I’ve heard. When you need a little extra motivation, Angie and Trevor provide the mental tools and knowledge you need. Between running tips, avoiding injury, and race recaps, this podcast is a must if you have any interest in running a marathon. They believe that you have what it takes to run a marathon and change your life.

Suggested episodes:mza_986934421334280227.170x170-75

How To Avoid Bonking and Cramping During Your Marathon

How Running Improves Your Body Image

Race Recap: The Hatfield-McCoy Marathon


4. Entreleadership – Dave Ramsey & Chris Hogan

The Entreleadership podcast was created from the response to the successful New York Times bestseller: Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey. His team provides wisdom from 20 years of actually living out a successful business. The information provided is not based on theory, but actual knowledge gained “from the trenches”— what business school should actually teach. The podcast includes interviews with some of the most successful people in their respective fields, including Tony Dungy, Jim Collins, Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, Tom Rath, Michael Hyatt, and Seth Godin.

Suggested episodes:the-entreleadership-podcast

Decision Making with Jim Collins

Personality Styles with Tom Rath

Dave Ramsey & Seth Godin


5. Beyond the To-Do List – Erik Fisher

What better way to get the best advice than from the experts? Erik sets out to find ways to live a productive life, as well as living beyond our work and projects. Through interviews with other entrepreneurs and field experts, he provides practical knowledge on living a successful and productive life filled with contentment.

Suggested episodes:bttdl-cover_art_4-1400x1400

Losses to Wins: Pat Flynn Shares How Failures Help You Reach Your Goals

Marriage: Tony Dilorenzo on Intentionality and Intimacy in Relationships

Personality Styles: Chris LoCurto on Communicating Between Different Personalities


These podcasts have served as a catalyst in my personal productivity, leadership, motivation, and fitness. They are available to you at no cost, so what are you waiting for? Start listening today. You can change the course of your life.

Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones have impacted your life for the better? To participate in the conversation, comment here.